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To keep Town lit up brightly each Christmas.

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March 2024

The States of Guernsey Committee for Economic Development

THANK YOU to The States of Guernsey Committee for Economic Development for once again showing their understanding and the importance of supporting us with a grant of £15,000.00 towards the 2024 Christmas Lights.

18 December 2023

Thank you to Vaudin's Funeral Services for sponsoring the new lights in part of the Commercial Arcade.

These lights are in memory of all who have passed away in 2023.

Losing a loved one is always sad. We feel that these lights are a very poignant way to remember all those that have passed.

This lovely photo of the new lights was taken by Ben Fiore Photography.

Commercial Arcade Lights

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and thanking you for your support again this year.

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